Industrial and commercial properties

One of the biggest strengths of our company lies in the management of highly complex industrial and commercial properties in Switzerland. The more complex the property, the greater the scope for optimisation. We would be delighted to help optimise your property, be it a commercial property that is already running smoothly or a run-down industrial estate.

With the concepts we use in our approach,, we’re able to cover all sectors. We would be happy to evaluate the market for you and place offers accordingly on the appropriate platforms. We are also on hand to help with the development of entire sites, including mixed use of all kinds.

Do you need help with supervision of a building service provider? This is another area in which we would be delighted to share our experience and help you find and integrate a new facility management service  

Residential properties

In the living area, the requirements have become more demanding; Nowadays tenants have more transparency about offers, about the applicable tenancy law, as well as about developments on the housing market. This is a great challenge for owners and this is exactly where we can support you accordingly. We understand a lot about classic textbook management, but we are also particularly good at optimizing poorly performing real estate portfolios.

We are happy to take over the administrative and technical management of your property on a permanent basis and look after you as a customer with top priority. We are happy to take over and optimize damaged properties or properties that are not running as requested, as well as entire portfolios and then return them in an improved condition.