Our Tools

Market analyses

Various circumstances call for a comprehensive market analysis. We prepare an analysis for you that is structured based on your needs. Clients involved in a conventional house sale do not need the same information as for a rental property that’s hard to let out.

You also define the scope and the depth, and can even instruct us to prepare concepts and suggested uses, which we will then draw up accurately and with the greatest care. We communicate with the authorities and public agencies so you won’t have any unwelcome surprises.

Our information is always well documented and we work exclusively with approved ratings agencies in the relevant real estate market.

Location analysis

  • Demographic development
  • Economic development
  • Correlation between the two types of development
  • Public transport links
  • Other transport links
  • Noise emissions
  • Vacancy rate in the area/district
  • Prevailing rental levels
  • Construction activity
  • Catchment area map with stakeholder groups and what’s available
  • Cover image with provider/logo
  • Brief property description
  • Tenant structure
  • Location analysis
  • Descriptions of the space
  • Floor plan representations
  • Visualisations
  • Contact details
  • Creation of a building factsheet
  • Listing of technical systems
  • Listing of structural components
  • Listing of construction standards
  • List of priorities in four clear categories