Body leasing

There are numerous reasons why body leasing can be a helpful option. Maybe you are experiencing bottlenecks due to high staff turnover, or perhaps an employee is simply absent due to illness. Perhaps you are also responsible for a large-scale project and need temporary, industry-specific assistance, or you would like to submit a tender for a large-scale project but do not have sufficient resources available to you?

Our new service model gives you a smart workaround option and allows you to outsource important work. The model ensures that no weakness is left exposed and you always approach your customers with competence and confidence.


If you wish, we can also select and train new employees for you during the body leasing phase. We conduct all the necessary interviews and help you integrate the new staff members into your team on a step-by-step basis.




Wir passen uns Ihren Bedürfnissen an und Sie können die Rahmenbedingungen wie folgt festlegen:

  • Half day model => 10 half days x 5 days per week
  • Minimum 1 half day per week
  • The longer the leasing, the cheaper the approaches
  • Weekend work possible on request


We put together the offer according to your needs. We have set hourly rates in advance, which can vary according to the following principles:

  • Employment rate
  • Requirement profile of the specialist
  • Duration of the respective assignments
  • Complexity of the job